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Why 3GreatQs?

Did you ever get tons of information and wonder whether you would ever get anything useful from it – even if you got through it all?

After decades of helping companies navigate risk and develop innovative corporate programs, Donna Vitalie founded 3 Great Questions on the principle that asking better questions produces actionable information and answers worth finding.

Services are for clients who want to:

  • take smart risks
  • produce amazing results
  • challenge the “we’ve always done it this way” response
  • transform existing programs, policies, and processes
  • design new programs, policies, and processes

Routine program maintenance services can be provided for a limited time for transformation initiatives.



Advisory Services

Corporate Training

Advisory Services


 Embed risk-minimizing elements of an ethics and

compliance program without negatively impacting the work.

Board Service

Corporate Training

Advisory Services


Balance oversight activities with strategic initiatives designed to challenge the business toward growth.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate Training


Create corporate training programs for groups and individuals. Get learning assessments, content creation, virtual and live delivery, and program management.

Our Experience

In 2019, Donna returned to consulting after 13 years of directing in-house programs providing strategic advice to internal clients in internet and new media industries. Her prior consulting experience with two of the big four consulting and professional services and Booz Allen Hamilton is complemented by internal and external leadership roles in diversity and inclusion initiatives, professional associations, and non-profits.

Why Us?

Donna Vitalie began 3 Great Questions to bring high-value, meaningful, innovative solutions to clients through thoughtfully designed consulting and advisory engagements. Full-time contracting assignments are not accepted. Clients with an appetite for continuous improvement and followup engagements are welcome.