Advisory Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Align policies, procedures, and programs for acquired or merged companies
  • Rebrand for cultural resonance
  • Develop program elements to close pre-acquisition due diligence gaps.

Executive and Board Reporting

  • Enhance reporting with contextualized data
  • Drive transparency by reporting on meaningful data points
  • Present strategic insights based on refreshed and normalized data

Policy Coordination

  • Position your Code of Conduct as a firm foundation for enterprise-wide policies. 
  • Align and cascade corporate policies that are realistic, easily understood, and enforceable.

Cultural Alignment

  • Reset tone with reasonable standards, communication campaigns, and supporting education.
  • Prepare to take consistent responses to behavior that compromises culture.

Program Assessments

  • Review your program's strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Consider expectations for an E&C program under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and best practices.

Program Development & Implementation

  • Transform ethics and compliance program elements for consistency. 
  • Appropriately document your program and its key policies and protocols to meet business needs and regulator expectations.

Program Operations

  • Ramp up operations to meet peaks or unusual upticks in reporting, such as those created during company-wide surveys, training events, internal campaigns, or external drivers.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Evaluate existing programs to ensure appropriate implementation of key elements, and to address program completeness and efficacy.

Conversions and Migrations

  • Leverage the perspective of a Certified Records Manager to understand the future value and potential risks associate with legacy data.  
  • Gather and understand relevant data and documents, convert to new case management system or migrate from one system to another.  
  • Create standard reports in new systems.


Board Service

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Training & Education


Corporate training


Individual mentorship


Learning assessments


Content creation